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Void Light Foamed Concrete is a perfect void filling material, because of its placement characteristics. It is free flowing, fills every gap and can be applied even through small openings. Its fluidity means it can be placed through narrow openings, by gravity or by ordinary concrete pumps. Job can be tackled without too much disruption at the surface and does not leave any hidden gaps. When Void Foamed Concrete sets and cures it does not collapse or shrink and it does not impose large lateral loads.

Typical planned void filling work includes the filling of:

   - Old underground fuel tanks, which would otherwise have to be
     dug out, cut up, hauled away and scrapped, which is time consuming
     and potentially dangerous work.
   - Redundant sewers, pipelines, culverts and tunnels; the gap
     between the old sewer wall and the new insert pipe within it (in a
     sewer re-lining job).
   - Any large open “hole” to enable the area to be redeveloped
   - typical examples of such work include swimming pools, water
     reservoirs, surface mine workings and mine shafts.
   - Hidden, irregular, unexplored underground voids which threaten
   - Cavities in structures - service ducts in bridges; cellars and
     basements in old buildings.
   - Voids left behind on old industrial sites.

Emergency repair work usually arises because something, usually some structure starts to show signs of collapsing or when a previously unknown underground void comes to light and is seen to present a risk to whatever is above or closes by. In emergency repair work the foamed concrete usually provides support as well as filling the void. Foamed concrete can be placed quickly and safely so that the emergency situation can be dealt with without unnecessary delay. The foamed concrete can either be left in place as a permanent foundation, or if a different long term solution is required, because of its cellular structure, the foamed concrete can easily be re-excavated. Foamed concrete was used for emergency void filling at Heathrow Airport, United Kingdom when a tunnel collapsed during the construction of a new underground railway line. A volume of 12,000 m3 of foamed concrete was placed in 2 weeks in order to stabilise the ground.
Plus many other areas in which void foam concrete can assist. If you require more details on void concrete specifications or need to contact one specialists advisers click here.

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